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Fred Holder
>I've turned a great many of these types of wood lids for Mason jars by turning a recess to receive the ring that screws on the jar into a recess in the wood. The last batch that I did, I made up a wooden tenon with threads to fit the jar lid. I kept this in one of my chucks throughout the entire operation. I think my wife came up with 18 of them to make.

I then mounted the wood to become the lid onto a chuck and cut a recess into it to accept the ring. I made a number of these up at one time and glued in the rings with epoxy.

When the epoxy had set, I screwed the lid onto the threaded tenon in the chuck and final turned and finished the outside of the lid. This technique gets away from the occasional ring that doesn't glue in perfect and ruins the lid because it is tilted.

You can make the wood as simple or as exotic as you wish, including separate turned finials. I've made some of those too.

Incidentally, the thread is coarse enough that you can layout the thread and cut it with a "V" carving tool or a three cornered file.

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Mason Jar caps?
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