Turning Archive 2005

Re: first hollow form sortof?

john Lucas

When you make the lid leave it loose. On a bowl of this size you will have wood movement problems. If you turn the lid out of the same material with the grain oriented the same way the lid will move with the wood and not be as much of a problem. If you make it out of another wood they may not move at the same rate and the lid can stick if it fits too snugly.

The wood will tend to become oval so the lid will only fit one direction of it is too tight. I have a rule of thumb for lidded boxes. If it's a small box I make the lid snug enough that you can pick up the whole box by the lid and then you Pop them apart with both hands. Ideally they should feel like a precision part when opened. On larger boxes I feel that the lid should come off easily without binding on the bowl. On boxes over 6 inches this is just about a necessity due to wood movement.

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