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Re: Not This One, But

Mark Mandell - Gone Round In Jersey

The Euro line (2000 and others) disappeared in a falling-out between Poolewood and the old lathe's actual maker. Terry Davis & Company only had sales rights to the machine to market under the Poolewood name, not the machine itself. Don't know the details of the argument (nor which side "pulled the plug"), but it had to be pretty serious to cause the whole venture to crash, so Mr. Davis didn't have the option to "learn how to sell what they had."

I would think their problem now is coming up with machines that can meet the expectations of people familiar with the previous design and still not get themselves into a patent fight or other lawsuit with the guy(s) who made the original machines.

Of course, we can also wait to see if and what new name (and color) the "old" lathe's maker gets attached to the previous machines if they're going to get marketed at all. Let's see, White's taken, Black and Gray are out, Mustard's done . . .

How's about Candy Apple Red???


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