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Re: Another Dragonfly piece

Todd O. Cronkhite Maine Native in FL. Exile :~(
I was thinking along the same lines, but than realized that with the Dragonfly motiff it would work well as a lidded vessel. By putting something such as Cattails in the vase the Dragonflys would look to be in place, and out of place in a lidded vessel IMO.

This is is a very interesting design deliemma and I'm enjoynf the idea. Of all the pics of different collars posted I really didn't see one that really seemed to fit this piece. Might have to do a minor change to the overall shape of the vase.

Molly, this is the second piece of yours that I have seen, and barring the collar, (which did detract) I think this an absolutly wonderful piece. Gonna have to keep an eye on you for sure.

Todd O.

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