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>Imagine the collar removed from this piece with just the unaltered "entry hole" (the hole used for hollowing) at the top . As Molly said, this entry hole is about the same diameter as this collar (otherwise, she could replace it with a smaller diameter collar).

Now, look at the visible profile of the vessel body. This profile curves as it approaches the entry hole and ends (when it reaches the entry hole) at an angle of about 30 or 40 degrees to horizontal. That's the angle that I am talking about - the angle of the vessel body's profile with respect to horizontal.

If the vessel was flatter at the top - maybe 5 degrees from horizontal, it would be (to me at least) better for adding a collar.

Also, if the entry hole was smaller in diameter and the upper curve of the vessel body continued to flatten out as it neared the hole, then it would also be better.

By the way, I agree with whoever suggested that one of the problems was that the collar was large in diameter compared to the diameter of the body - but I think this angle question is also critical to getting a good-looking collar.

I hope that clarified it for you.

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