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Re: Critique on collar please

Doug Trembath
>Actually, Molly, I like the approach you used in separating the collar from the curve of the vessel, but it would be a smoother and, IMHO, more appealing transition, if it was just a bit more than a detail line, raised, but not as much as it is now, and the curve either mimicked and followed the vessel curve, or was shaped like Wally's above the transition line. Yours may be a bit too "domed" and contrasts with the general lines of the piece. Although I really like a smooth transition such as Wally posted on different colored woods, I think yours would benefit from a definite but not too pronounced lip, for lack of a better word, to distinguish the different areas of interest.

Overall, another of the fine pieces we have come to expect from you.

Nice job!

Doug Trembath
Studio in the Woods

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