Turning Archive 2005

Re: Box Elder Burl with Horses

Molly Winton
>Hi Gary, I also burned this with a propane torch. It has about a 1/4" thickness. The burning didn't cause any cracking, but when the piece has an existing crack or insect hole (as in the Mahogany Horses) I tape over the hole/crack on the outside of the piece with blue masking tape, then when I'm finished burning I burnish the inside with oil. The burnishing removes any loose soot, and seems to seal the char. I burnish it right after the burning, so I don't know whether the added heat helps with the sealing process. It's a real mess, but it works. Use LOTS of paper towel. Which oil I use depends upon the finish I'm going to use on the exterior. I've used both walnut oil and Danish Oil.

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