Turning Archive 2005

Re: hole size on Jet face plate

Fog Tanner
>It probably because Jet just copied the Vic 100 never thinking that someone would actually turn a 10" bowl on one (a friend of mine did that). And since the people at Jet aren't woodturrers, they don't really know what works and what doesn't. If you are looking for some inexpensive faceplates for the Jet Mini, you might try Nobel's welded nut versions. I bought five for making vacum chuck fixtures on my Vic 300, which came out to $8 each. The washer that he welds to the nut is only 3/16", but I wouldn't hesitate on use one for smaller work and they are more than adequate for vacum chucks. Buy them undrilled, save a dollar each, and drill the hole size of your choice where you need it.

In Ellsworth's Tips for Turners #1, he discusses faceplates and faceplate screws. He says its the diameter and not the length that matters, hence the #14 or 1/4" screws. From experience he stays away from 1/4" lag bolts. In Raffin's Turning Wood, he deals with faceplate fixings. Basicly the same as David's view. Larger diameter than length. Of course Richard can only use two screws to secure a piece where us mere mortals will use 4-8, more if I would drill more holes.

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