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Need for vacuum guage? ()

Fog Tanner
>You really need a quage to tell if you are getting leaks and to let you know what kind of pressure you are putting on the wood. I ordered my guage from Surplus Sales along with some 1/4" brass fittings. I picked up a brass valve, braided hose and more brass fittings from a local hardware store. You can use 1/4" iron and save quiet a bit of money - just doesn't look as good. You need some way to bleed air into the system to regulate the vaucm. Of course if you don't feel the need for a guage, you can always close the valve until the bowl starts getting sucked into your chuck and then back off a click or two :-)

Be sure and use a braided hose that will not collapse. I tried some hose that colapsed, which I thought was OK. I picked 3" hg by switching hose. Went from 23"hg to 26"hg, allowing me to really pull the bowl into the chuck..

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