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Segmented Zig-Zag ()

Mark Kauder
Basically all you do for a zig-zag, is 1)laminate the wood you want, let's say black on top and white on the bottom, when done with the lamination done, when seen from front and back sides you will see both black and white, and from the top you would see only black, etc, 2) Place the laminated strip on your TS with black and white side up, set your miter guage to. let's say 25 degrees, and crosscut the lamination in strip wide enough for the segments you need (say 15/16" wide for a 10.25" diameter) 3) now what you have are paralligrams, cut the pointy ends off so that you have rectangles, 4) now flip every other piece right to left, and then take the rectangles with black side up, and cut them into your segments.

That is the quick and dirty - the tough part is doing is precisely enough so that everything lines up when you glue it into a circle.


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