Turning Archive 2004

Re: Coast to coast for a lesson.

Tony Costine
>I can certainly understand. And you don't really appreciate the size of the "big blue machine" unti you see it standing next to Bill...I have to say I was almost as impressed by the Poolewood as I was by the content of the video.
Okay, Bill...it's time for Woodturning DVD part 2!
I'd like to see the KM work, as I never have...and I'd also like to see how you did...how many was it? Something like 10 or a dozen pens an hour?
That'd be really cool.
Thanks again for the DVD!
hoping I didn't sweep my chuck key into the shaving pile in Contoocook, NH.
(actually, I'm hoping it's not in the compost heap...d'oh!)

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