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Coast to coast for a lesson.
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Dave Smith, Longview, WA
>Perhaps now, after viewing the DVD, people will understand why I traveled coast to coast to take a lessons from Bill. I know I am among the first to take private lessons at the now famous Five Barns Complex(FBC). It is likely that no one else has traveled as far to be shown how well Bill's ear muffs work. Sorry, Bill, if I ruined anything for future students. In time, with the release of his first turning DVD, my long distance pilgrimage to the FBC will be eclipsed by other turners living on the correct(left) coast when they travel to the incorrect(right) coast in search of turning knowledge. Bill and I are on opposite ends of many subjects that separate too many people. However, we share some very common views that transcend our differences. Bill towers over me physically, intellectually and in turning ability. But, from the time I shook Bill's hand on that first day of instruction and subsequently throughout our friendship I have always felt equal as a human being. I had the unusual feeling during the turning lessons that we were at eye level. Since I had already gotten to know Bill, from years of posts on Badger Pond, I had no trepidations when I stepped up to his huge blue machine in the shadow of a giant. The only thing I had to look out for was the shock wave from his bellow when I was about to do something really stupid. Have no fear you can hear Bill over any machinery noise conceived by man.

I have not watched the DVD yet. Perhaps I will get a chance to view it this weekend. I have been disappointed in all the previous turning videos I have seen. I have seen the real McCoy and as Jim Shaver said, "Bill is a full size man." If the video captures the essence of this full size man then it will certainly be worth watching.

Dave Smith

I have got to get over this cold, I am sounding really weird in Longview, WA.

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