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>Chinese copy - junk. Besides the teeth aren't sharp, the center point popped out and is missing.

Stebcenter - It's all I use now [anybody want to buy some used 4 prongs?]. While I confess that I'm a dealer here in Israel but I base my business on only selling products which I use. The 1/2" is a great start if you are positive that you're doing only real small items. Otherwise the 7/8" covers most ground. I have all three sizes along with a live center for the tail stock and another one that will fit in a chuck so I don't have to remove it. I used the 1 1/4" to turn 12"x12"x30" between centers to make meeting table pillars. To really apreciate how good the Stebcenters are you need a descritption of the pillars. This was a square made of 2" thick slabs of cherry and ash, filled with pine. The stebcenter slipped only once and it could have been because I didn't tighten it right. After tightening it did all 7 pillars without a hitch. Besides being safer than a 4 prong, if you're skilled, you can remove and replace your work while the lathe is running.

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