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Richard Allen
>I have the cheap one from CS. It works as expected. The teeth are not as sharp as the Stebcenter. The spring loading works great (back off the tailstock and you can stop the spindle with your hand).

I also have the Oneway safety center. I prefer the Oneway center for driving spindles up to 3x3. The profile of the Oneway safety center is the same as the Oneway live center. This means that the spindle can be fliped end for end and run true.

You can remove a spindle with either of the centers (Oneway safety center, cheap CS "stebcenter" and the Stebcenter) and remount, expecting the workpiece to run true. You can do this with a spur center but you need to take a little caution that everything goes back on the same way it came off (often done by grinding a notch on the side of one of the spurs and parking the end of the spindle for that spur).

Good Luck


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