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Bob Hackett
>Turning Boxes by Richard Raffan(Taunton press)will show you how to deal with endgrain as will Mike O`donnel`s book on green woodturning(it`s out on loan so I don`t know the correct title or publisher).Andre Martel from Canada makes and demos an excellent hook tool which even works the best on plywood according to Steve Gleasner.You should be able to find info on Andre at the AAW site.

The absolute best way to learn this technique(or any other) quickly without alot of false starts is to(can you see it coming)join the local club.The AAW site has a list of all the local chapters and can steer you in the right direction.
The all time fall back position for anything turning related is to contact Albert LeCoff at the Woodturning Center in Philadelphia PA.You better be ready when you do because I have been overwhelmed by the info each time.If Albert doesn`t know it,he knows someone who does.Can`t say enough about this great gentleman.
Hope this has been of some help.


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