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Bill Grumbine, Kutztown PA
>Thanks everyone, for your comments, and just so you know, the movie star thing has not gone to my head. Once I returned home to the family, they made sure to restore me to my previous level of humility. The dog still worships me, but he didn't know I was off petting other dogs while I was making the video.

Jamie, it just so happens that I have a picture of the foot as well. On another forum I was involved in a discussion of how to hold bowls and what to do with the tenon if that was the method.

Here is a shot of the bottom. I held this piece with a large diameter tenon, with the intention of turning it into a ring. Once the rest of the bowl was finished, and it was reversed, I turned the ring with a beading tool, and then cleaned out the waste in the middle. Even though this thing is full of bark inclusions, I was able to get good vacuum with the vacuum chuck, and that made the whole thing rather easy.


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