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Using Radio to Advertise? ()

Bill Grumbine, Kutztown PA
>Tim, I sold pens and pencils in my own boxes and nothing but for years. We marketed them by word of mouth, through our local chamber of commerce, and business to business trade shows. All of it was cost effective with the possible exception of the trade shows, which were very pricy to enter. They did pay off, but not right away.

Our target market was the business community, executive gifts and such. Don't even try to compete in the giveaway market. Wood pens are literally a dime a dozen imported from China, and laser engraving has dropped in price to be dirt cheap in mass quantities. I was one of the very first to offer laser engraving and one of the first five pen makers on the internet. Things are a lot different now, but most of what I did would still be successful today. I would not waste money on radio. I think it is valuable for consumable items like food, or big ticket items - real big ticket - but for things like we do, it is a big hole for money. I am sure the radio people would tell you different, but then that is how they make their money.


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