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Bob Edwards
>This is the way I proceed with or without an expensive chuck. Turn the blank between centers and square off the end that is to be the bottom. Leave about 1/4 inch to allow for parting off. Also leave the marks to allow to find center on the top end. If using a faceplate and waste block turn a recess to accept the bottom of the box. Using the center mark left from the between center ruffing out secure the blank in the recess and glue in place. Now you are ready to start the box. Turn the recess that will be that part of the box top that will fit into the bottom. Turn a tenon on the top of the blank that is something smaller than this recess. Part the top from the bottom. Turn an opening in the box bottom that will accept the tenon on the box top. At this point the box bottom becomes the jam chuck for the top. Now you can hollow the top. Now reverse the top again and open the bottom to accept the top. At this point the bottom and top are in what will be the final position and you can shape the outside profile of both bottom and top together. Remove the top and finish the inside. Part the bottom from the waste block and sand the bottom. I'm never comfortable with my verbal explainations so I have attached a "crude" drawing that I hope will help. If not drop me an email and I will try to do better.
Bob Edwards, San Antonio

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