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>Thanks for the compliments. I found that after I traded up to a Crown 3/4" roughing gouge from the 3/8" roughing gouge from an economy set I did much better at the initial roughing and shaping. I still use the economy set for everything else. I can only afford to replace one tool at a time from the economy set. I also cut a better shape on the included scraper to suit me and the shape I wanted on the inside of the bowl. (Thanks to the book "WoodTurning; A Foundation Course" by Rowley.)

I sanded from 60 through 400 and than used Hut Crystal Coat for the finish.

Had a few troubles getting the bowl to stay in the jaws of a cheapie chuck (ok I know better now) and finally just made a face plate with a mortise to take the tenon on the bottom of the bowl. That was the frusterating part.

Most enjoyable was to sit back as I pull it from the lathe done and realize its not destined for the trash.

Yeah its an addiction.... One I dont really mind!

Columbus, OH

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