Turning Archive 2004

Re: Turning blank prices question(s)

Mike Schwing from Md
>Thanks John. I did not know you had done this with the CAW.

I have no plans (or desire) to start a business doing anything like this. I just happened to be in a place at a time when the partnership worked out. Just like you - I have a lot of wood available and the time/energy to harvest it. I had previously asked my friend if he'd want a few of my blanks for his retail shelf, brought them in and traded for some flat lumber. At that point he started talking about the show thingy, next thing you know, I've volunteered to provide him with blanks. Upon reflection, I'm happy to help a friend out and forge an even stronger relationship with a business I already frequent, but the time/effort might not be worth it.

This will likely be a one time thing for me. But who knows.

As it turns out, the pricing decisions will be entirely up to him. I'll either take the return blanks or leave them at his retail store. No matter what - hope someone finds them of value. Each one of them would be a blank I'd be happy to turn on my own, and the business owner is a very fair and super nice guy, happy to help him.

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