Turning Archive 2004

Re: Turning blank prices question(s)

John Trant (aka Boxes-n-Bowls)
>Hi Mike,
As you may know, I sold quite a bit of wood last year to the CAW turners mainly because I had more wood than I could turn. Much of it would simply dry out and crack before I could get on the lathe. The idea was to get rid of my excess (which pleased my wife to no end), recoup a little cash for Anchorseal, chainsaw tune-up, a couple new band saw blades, etc, and provide quality blanks for a cheap price for CAW members that did not have the means to prepare their own blanks. Now, if wished to run a business, then everyone is correct in that pricing by the diameter isn't the method you should use; it should be calculated in bd ft. Remember, I was providing a once-a-month service and wanted an easy mechanism to price my blanks on the spot so the "$1 per inch of diameter" rate worked for me. Otherwise, I would have to do the measurements and calculations for each blank, attach price tags, replace the tags that were torn off during moving and transport, etc, etc, etc. Tooooo much like work.

Just for your information, I will *not* bring wood to April's CAW meeting because of the arrangement with Exotic Woods but I will bring in wood for the next several meetings starting in May. If you wish to do so also, we need to chat off-line or at this weekend's meeting.


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