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Re: Turning blank prices question(s)

David Eaves
>Hi Mike,
Don’t know about set levels in US prices. However, I think your linear pricing structure will lose you money. The way I read it you will scale your prices by inch of diameter. So say a 4” blank cost $8 an 8” blank would cost $16. But if you think about the area, it has not just doubled it has quadrupled (pi x r^2). Thus the 8” blank should cost $32.

Looking at the suppliers I buy blanks from this is exactly how they price it. Linear in thickness (ie a 2” blank is twice the price of a 1” blank the same diameter) And the price scales by a square law in the diameter direction. E.g. some prices taken from a suppliers catalogue.

Ash 5” diameter x 3” £2.73 (UK pounds)

Ash 10” diameter x 3” £10.92 (UK pounds) (If you divide by 4 you get 2.73)

Hope this helps

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