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Turning blank prices question(s)

Mike Schwing from Md
>Hi everybody.

I have worked up a deal with a friend who owns a local lumber store to provide him turning blanks for an upcoming woodturning "conference/expo/gathering/whatever". Which one exactly isn't important but one of you knows which one I'm talking about.

I have provided him with 40 blanks - ranging from 5-15" diameter in a few local species - ambrosia maple, cherry, ash, apple. I had begun prepping them by rounding them and waxing, but my recent bandsaw accident changed that - the remainder were prepped by drawing a circle with a compass, punching the center, and squaring them off.

Neither of us knows how to really go about pricing.

We'd like to return from the event with nothing but cash, but not if prices have to drop below, say , $1 per inch of diameter. Any less than that and I'd prefer to take them back and turn or trade them myself.

I also didn't know what sizes to make, so I made a lot of larger sized blanks, which are hard to come by. The majority are 11" or wider. My views on sizes, though, are prejudiced by having a lathe with a 20" swing.

Also, they're domestic species, easily available to anyone with a real willingness to hunt them down.

Foot traffic was estimated by someone in the know to be about 150 or so people, and they're turners, so they're finicky. The blanks are top quality, waxed, and center marked.

He normally sells his blanks by the pound for pretty steep prices. I don't buy them - no need, and I tend to be allergic to exotics which is what he specializes in. In fact, I don't buy blanks at all. I think I'd be in favor of selling them by the inch of diameter, starting with $2/per.

But I don't have a clue! Don't want folks walking by, but don't want to wind up with just recouping my chainsaw gas and oil money.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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