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Thanks Richard, great advice on rims..
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David Eaves
>Hi Richard,

Thanks. Your right the Maple Bowl did suffer from some tear out. There was one area with some knots that just wouldnít cut cleanly. I thought Iíd sanded it down far enough.. obviously not enough to the discerning eye :o) Actually I was looking at it this afternoon and noticed a few areas that looked a bit rough. On this one there was very little surface damage and it didnít take much sanding. This is probably the best finish I have ever got on something that size.

Thanks for the thoughts on the rim they are really thought provoking. I hadnít considered what you mentioned much before. Iím planning another bowl similar to this, so I will strongly consider your input and go for some form of sloping rim. From what you side made me look through quite a few of my books and magazines to see the effect you described on the rim.. itís interesting stuff.

Thanks again

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