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Bill Grumbine, Kutztown PA
>Thanks Joel! I am thinking about making a set of shelves, but for $30.00 a set, I could probably fork out to save some time, at least for this show. Would you care to reveal a source?

BTW, about chairs and shows - I used to do business to business trade shows, selling my pens and boxes as corporate gifts. One of the things they told us at the show "training seminar" was to never sit down. So we never do, unless there is no one in sight, or we need a break for a few minutes, in which case the other one is up and at 'em.

We were at a craft show last weekend where a lot of the people were parked on their patooties, and seemed to be more involved in reading, "crafting" or doing anything other than encouraging people into their booths. I am the next best thing to a carnival midway man, practically dragging people in so they can spend their money with me. ;-) When asked how the show was going for them, most of these chair polishers commenced to blame the economy, the weather, or whatever as to the reason why they weren't doing well. I think part of it was they were disconnected from their audience.


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