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>Hi Mike,
A beautiful woman needs very little ornamentation to have universal appeal. Likewise a georgeous piece of timber doesn't need to compete with form, design, ornamentation or somebody's golden rule.

Solid conic sections, blocks, cylinders etc. can show off the wood instead of competing with your skills; a lily is pretty without guilding. You are more likely to need ideas for your bland timbers. Your present skills are sure more than adequate to
bring out the beauty and make drop-dead georgeous pieces from your stash. Make them _NOW. You don't need to compete with your timber, save that for the plain Janes.

There are many exceptions, but a pretty good test of a woodturner is when form and design of his/her work is appreciated before flash and ornamention is noticed.

So why am I saving all this timber that's too good for me to mess up? To heck with the rules of turning. I don't even follow my own. Best, Arch

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