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Doug Trembath
>Mike, if I wanted to be funny I'd just say send them to me! Then again, I'm not known for my sense of humor.

Keep 'em!!!!!

I've been collecting some blanks just like that for years, and now occasionally I'll pull one out, and find I was right. They do make incredible pieces. That satisfaction goes a long way in my house. In an area like ours, PA / MD, I'd hesitate to put it in a plastic bag, as it's been my experience that they not only spalt, but rot in no time. I coat them with Anchorseal a couple of times, put them on my wood shelf, and agonize over when I am finally going to give them a try. The one I'm most waiting for is a 6" X 6" piece of Macassar Ebony I want to hollow.

After watching the evolution of your turning here on WC, I'd say your progress has been outstanding, so it probably won't be all that long before you find you're ready.

Just keep turning, it'll come.

Doug Trembath
Studio in the Woods

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