Turning Archive 2004

Ideas please

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Ever come across a particularly beatiful piece of wood that you know deserves more justice than your skillset can provide?

I have several of these and I'm trying to decide how to best to deal with them.

I'm worried that if I wait till I have the skills they'll be no good.

The blanks I'm thinking are all crotch end grain/spindle pieces from cherry or wormy maples. I've got gorgeous crotch end grain blanks ranging from 20" tall x 9" wide(all crotch), all the way to 10" tall x 5" wide and in betweens. I can turn one or two of them but I'd be honored if some of the pros here would put their talents to them. Or maybe a benefit auction, but I've done several of them this year as well as donated money and time to WC. Would it be crass of me to do a half benefit auction?

Maybe I should ebay them? I see blanks like these going for $60-90 there sometimes.

I'm looking for ideas. They deserve better than me. I'll post some pics later. I'd say I'm a pretty good judge of a piece of wood's potential, and there are a couple of things that should be stunning.

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