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Re: Those overhead box filters are......

Ric Taylor
Bill, you hit on an important point.

I replaced my florescents with 4-foot LED tubes. I was having to replace the florescent tubes on a regular basis and I'm getting to old to be climbing up on stools to do that.

There are two types of LED tubes and you have to be careful to purchase the correct type. One type does not need a ballast, so if you put those in an old florescent fixture you have to wire around the old ballast.

The other type uses the ballast that is in the old florescent fixture, so all you have to do is pull out the florescent bulb and put in the LED bulb. That is what I did. There is the possibility of the ballast going bad at some point, but I've had this setup for several years now with no issues at all.

I really like them, they put out bright light and never have a humming noise. Also, they come on bright when it is cold, there is no waiting for a dim florescent bulb to come up to full brightness.

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