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Anone else going *PIC*

John K Jordan
I'm planning to go. I'd love to meet up with others from Wood Central.

Here is a bit I posted elsewhere. (I borrowed some photos from the web site to get you interested!):

If you live in Tennessee or surrounding states the TAW Symposium in Nashville might be worth attending. I've been there a number of times and plan on going again this year. It's a excellent event, comfortable demo rooms in the Marriott convention center, and plenty of vendors if short on wood or tools.

The TAW has one of the best means I've seen of getting good video of the turnings to the big screens. And I've met a bunch of great turners there!

The dates are January 25th and 26th.

Demonstrators this year:

Marriott Hotel and Convention Center Franklin, TN
700 Cool Springs Blvd
Franklin, TN 37067

There are plenty of hotels/motels just a few miles from the convention center, some quite reasonable.
(I should know, I'm cheap)

(No disclosure, I have no dog in this race. Just enjoy going!)


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