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Re: Question on turning Bradford Pear

David Walser
Barry -- Like many things, I think the answer to your question is "It depends." Mike Peace, a woodturner out of Georgia who has an active YouTube channel, does a lot of his projects out of Bradford pear. He really likes working with it for bowls, boxes, urns, spindles, etc. But, his good experience might have a lot to do with the variety of Bradford pear that grows in his neck of the woods and with the climatic conditions that unique to his area.

Another turner, in another part of the country, might not find as much success with Bradford pear as does Mike. For example, I have a Bradford pear growing -- sort of -- in my back yard. I've used some trimmings from it in birdhouse ornaments, but anything cut from it of any size will warp and crack very quickly. But, then, I live in Mesa, Arizona. It's kinda dry here when compared to where Mike Peace lives. I suspect my Bradford pear would rather be in Georgia.

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