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Re: smoothing with scrapers

At a Utah Symposium a couple of years back, I saw Mike Mahoney do a demo on turning a paper=thin bowl. The wood was light colored and he used the light coming through the thin walls to gauge the thickness. There was a small area where the light showed the wall to be slightly thicker. He said not to worry about that area, he would fix that later. This after years and years being told never to go back to the thin upper wall sections!! Mike didn't have the tool he needed when the bowl was basically finished, so he went hunting around and borrowed a teardrop flat scraper from Avelino Samuel, who had demoed just before. This was the flat tip from a Sorby multi-tip hollower and he held it between his thumb and fore finger and at about a 45 degree angle and scraped the thicker area from the inside and was done in no time. What genius, I thought to myself. Being hand held as it was, he could have instant feed back how the scraper was cutting and could make this delicate cut without danger and the potential disaster.

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