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John K Jordan
Thanks for the research, Gary. That makes good sense in light of the motor basics I learned decades ago.

When I was young it was fairly common for inquisitive kids to build and experiment with motors. I made several, mostly the easy way with commutators, from things like metal cut from "tin" cans, magnets from loudspeakers, and electromagnets made by winding wire on a nail. Also made a steam engine, much easier! (The library had books full of things to try.) I and my friends took apart anything electrical or mechanical that we could find and made "good" use of the pieces, well, at least reasonably safe uses. In jr high and high school the science fair was the highlight of the year.

I wonder how much of such learning goes on today. Today, it seems hard to pry most of the kids I know away from a screen, any kind of screen.


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