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Steve Worcester
Iwata has a several different lines.
The NEO, pretty cheap, the Revolution, more expensive, and Eclipse series.
As you go up in price, you get better fit and finish, and usually smoother spray and upgraded features like MAC valve, better adjustability and solvent resistance. A good all around nozzle/needle size is a .35 or a .5mm. If you are going to use it as a spray gun, buy a spray gun, you will be happier with the results.

A good, fairly inexpensive paint ("water based" ) is Createx Autoair. Use their thinner too, makes it easier.
If you want to do solvent based, try House Of Kolor with their thinners.
Most paint problems are related to thinning, I usually start at 50% since airbrushes are designed to spray multiple very thin coats.

Checkout Coast Airbrush in California to poke around

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