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Re: Had no idea where to start, or price.

The first wind storm or hail storm may create an interesting modern art piece out of the finished product. Some of the foam projects require a layer of latex paint as a sealer over the surface of the foam item before you apply any other chemicals or finishes to the foam material. Many solvents will readily attack the common foam products that are sold in hobby shops. (Styrofoam)

Any item exposed to the elements will be exposed to some harsh conditions on a regular basis depending on your geographical location. You will need a durable finish that can stand up to the elements and the item will need to be tough enough to withstand wind loading and occasional impacts from nature and debris carried by the wind. A weather vane is a good example of an item that gets subjected to the elements, these are usually constructed of steel, copper or aluminum and some of the older ones had heavy glass or ceramic balls for ornamental decoration.

Air-Crete which is concrete mixed/whipped with air can make a lite weight object and quite durable to the elements. You can also paint and finish the item easily and it is tough as concrete for most applications.

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