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Joe Fleming
I would avoid Stick and Burn. Wellburn is near me and I have the 50 sheet pack that I bought the last time I was there. I have used it extensively for making airbrush masks. The problem with it is that if you do not cut it perfectly through the film AND adhesive, when trying to lift the material from the piece, the adhesive layer will separate from the film and you will have a mess to clean up. And once it is torn, you cannot lay it back down for remasking.

Except that I spent a wad on it, I would quit using it today. It is tempting to use because you can inkjet print on it for transfer stenciling. It works great if you burn your pattern onto the wood because the heat burns through both film and adhesive.

Steve Sinner uses a liquid frisket, but peeling that stuff is a little difficult too.


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