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Bill Howatt
I certainly won't be money on this but I think that the remotes were for some of the General International machines which were made offshore not for the Canadian made Generals.

You can just get a box, I used one of those gray plastic electrical boxes because they are easy to drill, and extend the various lines to them such as the on/off and the speed potentiometer. On my lathe the speed pot was very obstinate for removing and I don't think it was ideal for mounting in the box so I just bought a new one at an electronics supply store - if you do this, get a good quality pot.

Remember, if your lathe is like mine the pushbuttons have 240V on them so use good quality cable rated for that voltage and be careful on how you do the physical wiring with strain-relief, etc.

I mounted my gray box on a wood base that had a projection that located in the gap in the bed ways. This way it was quite secure and easily moved along the bed depending on the nature of the turning but you can go the magnet route or whatever you like.


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