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The best remote emergency switch would run off of two inputs, one sensor would identify how far your eyes open up and another sensor would identify when your sphincter clenches down. :-)

By installing a low voltage relay you can easily control your line voltage controls with a low voltage pendant. Your low voltage control powers a coil on a relay that has sets of contacts that open and close your line voltage control circuit.

Another option is a piezo powered remote E-stop button that will operate a relay that shuts power off to your circuit. I have installed a couple of these in area's that were difficult to run conduit & wire. The pushbutton E-stop is mounted in a small enclosure that can be carried with you or mounted on the machine. When the button is pressed a piezo crystal produces a signal that is picked up by the remote relay which is mounted inside your machine control enclosure wired into the control wiring. The relay senses the E-stop signal and opens or closes the circuit and either starts or starts the machine circuit.
Square-D Telemechanique makes this Remote E-Stop System.

If you are electronics/electrical nerd you could easily use a garage door opener and controller to do the same thing if you wired it to a relay controlling the power to your lathe.

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