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Don Evans
That is a good idea but you need to consider if there will be bounce induced into the carving action. I have been spending a lot of time the last 3 days mentally designing a carving "sit down" bench and working on the same problem. I've already purchased a new chair for the bench so I would be able to work on the height of bench, vises etc.
Right now I'm thinking your suggestion has merit but the thing that holds the vise is gonna have to be metal. I just happen to have some 1/4" plate that I can cut and braze for this.
For dust collection I'm gonna put an arm under the top that swings out when using a sanding spindle, I can then push out from the bench a do it with elbows on the arm rest. I think I'm gonna end up with 3 dust ports, one just mention then another on top of bench and one more on a floor mount (big gulp) with gates at the bench for each. I got the idea for the swinging arm from a pro carver named Floyd Scholz in Vermont. He does mostly Raptors.

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