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Re: Jorge, Check for bad coil symptoms

John K Jordan
Ha, not only "weak" but it can be dead! Until it cools.

One way you might test the coil if you can get to it - I used to debug overheating electronic components by spraying with freeze spray. If heat was a problem cooling the right part would make the circuit work again. If cooling down the coil makes it run again you maybe you won't have to buy a new one just to test.

(At least some freeze spray is highly flammable so I'd spray then let vapors dissipate before trying to restart.

I don't know where to by freeze spray for electronics these days without a search, but I notice some of the brake cleaner I use seems to come out of the can icy cold. Maybe check Amazon.

I know you can buy medical freeze spray but I imagine it might cost a pound of flesh. :)


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