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Re: Chainsaw winter adjustments? Follow-up

John K Jordan
>>>I usually add the oil to the can before adding the gas, so wonder if the test still works after mixing?

Seems like it might work. I could test my mixture but I'm way "overbooked" for the next few weeks. Maybe stop and get a gallon and test that.

From what I understand, you won't see a problem from one tank of ethanol mix. Perhaps if an ethanol mix was left sitting in the tank six months it would be a problem, I don't know. I've seen this on engines I got from others or was repairing for others. Sometimes the hose in the tank would be a soft, gummy mess, probably from long-term ethanol mix use.

We can easily buy the pure gas in this area although it is more expensive. I always use it in my chainsaws, pumps, yard machines, log splitter, sawmill, 4-wheelers, and other small engines. For engines 2-stroke (and 4-stroke) engines that need gas/oil mix I always use a stabilizer as well but I don't use it in straight gasoline engines (although I probably should).


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