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john lucas
I've been using traditional tools (if you call a bowl gouge traditional) for around 35 years now. I am doing more and more with the Hunter tools but don't think they will ever replace my bowl gouge or spindle gouges. I've started using the Hunter Hercules for roughing out of round bowls. It's just easier on my body. Next time I do one I'm going to try the Viceroy. It's a very stable tool might be good for that. I use the Hunter Osprey or mini Hercules a lot for finishing cuts on my mirrors. If I make a few passes with my gouge and can tell that there are going to be tearout issues I reach for the Osprey. It does a super clean push cut. I use the #4 or #5 for all of my box interiors. I used to use a gouge and then a scraper and then sand like crazy. Now I use the Hunter tool for a few passes across the bottom and sides and I can sand with 220 or sometimes even 600 depending on the wood. It cuts super clean across the bottom. On the sides I use the #5 like a shear scraper and that's usually good enough. If it isn't and I have room to use the tool I use what I think he calls a back cutter but I might need to look that one up. It's a curved tools with the cutter angled toward you. This allows you to do a bevel rubbing cut up the side of a Box interior. That one takes a little practice and finess to use but leaves a really good finish.
I taught my last 3 classes with nothing but Hunter scraping tools, although they do more of a cut than scrape based on the shavings coming off. These were really short classes and we didn't have time to teach bevel rubbing and sharpening. I used the Hercules, the Osprey, A viceroy, a Clewes tool and a couple of tools that I built that resemble the Osprey. Everyone had a great time with no catches and went home with a successful project. It was a stress free day for everyone. Made me understand why the EZ wood tools took off the way they have. I'm not a fan of the early flat scrapers because they dull so quickly and leave a bad finish. I did get to play with the Woodpeckers new flat scrapers. They are highly polished and seem to cut clean but I haven't had a chance to see how well they hold that edge.

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I also am a more traditional gouge ......
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