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Re: Got a question about taking CA glue on a plane

Don Evans
My guess would be to go with what has been said but there is also the problem of individual's working the lines. That could become time consuming. so good luck!
I use very little CA as I consider it a temporary joint but I've discovered titebond CA bottle to be far superior to all the other brands. As I don't use much but I keep thin, medium and thick on hand and I don't have any problem with stopped up spouts or bad CA with theirs. You do have to take care NOT to cut the spout too low or it doesn't work!
The difference is the top cap, if you look inside of it there is a small protrusion that goes down into the spout when cap is put back on. I have some that is 5 or more years old and it still works.
I do force as much air out of bottle as I can when done with it.
Just FYI

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