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WC loses a good friend

Ellis Walentine
I got word today that Greg Haugen, long-time turner and moderator of our forums recently passed away. He was a member of Coulee Region Woodturners in Western Wisconsin, and the father of three daughters. Here's a brief testimonial from his friend Rich Egan:

Greg died of a heart attack Feb 6th. He was 41. He had a lovely family, and was mostly a stay-home dad to his three girls. He was a great member of our local turning club, always willing to share of his time and expertise. 100% dedication, endless patience, great sense of humor. A small group of us from the club attended services today. I think we’re still trying to come to grips with the suddenness of it all.

Greg was an avid supporter of WoodCentral and co-moderator of our forums, primarily this one for several years. My deepest condolences to his dear family.


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