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Don Stephan
For several years my finish for wooden bowls has been a wiping varnish made by combining equal parts good quality mineral spirits and Pratt & Lambert 38 alkyd varnish. I mix small quantities in a quart paint can, but it starts to thicken in about 3 days. I'm finding a Stop Loss bag works well for the varnish itself, I haven't tried putting the mix in a Stop Loss bag.

Using a bit of rag, thoroughly wipe on (several times quickly) the first coat, immediately scrub as dry as possible with clean paper towels, and dry overnight on a nail board. Succeeding coats wipe on a wet coat, immediately scrub dry with clean paper towel, and dry on a nail board, two or three coats a day, until desired sheen results.

My red oak cereal bowl now has 25 months of daily use, and I wash with the soft side of kitchen sponge and a drop of mild liquid dish soap, towel dry.

If you can't find P&L 38, you might look for another brand of alkyd varnish.

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