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Re: A lathe doesn't cost me money, it makes it

Glass Cannon
I would love to own a nicer lathe, but it simply is not possible.
Just replacing the pulleys on my 1442 will require me to sell one of my other possessions, but it will be well worth it to me if I get a couple years of turning from the lathe.

I do not have any way to pay for a $2000+ lathe, and mini/midi lathes are not able to turn the things that I make. I was fine with paying $500 for the 1442, knowing that it would most likely require some parts replacement over time, but would also allow me to turn what I needed to.

While I would love to own a better lathe, I feel very blessed to own this one, and I am encouraged to hear that others have gotten multiple years from their pulleys.
I believe I read that Richard Findley even turned on a 1442 professionally for some time and spoke rather fondly of it (despite its limitations), so that is nice to hear, as well.

I do understand and appreciate the opinions and advice that I have been given, however. It's just that I am very limited in what I can afford, and must make my decisions based on that.

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