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Glass Cannon
Thanks for the info, guys.

I am getting some pretty heavy fraying on a new (about 5 hours run time) Gates belt, which was one of the reasons I suspected I have a pulley issue.

I also have concerns about the shifting lever bracket that ben d mentioned, though. It is the one part that I did not remove when I repainted the lathe, so I was not able to give it any kind of inspection.
Are you saying that the bearing failed on yours ben d, and that is what caused your knock? Or was it some other type of issue related to that part?

It might also be helpful to point out that this issue just started in the last few weeks, the lathe did not knock before then. Part of me wonders if I have assembled something slightly out of alignment during reassembly (after repainting the lathe) but I cannot find anything that appears to be misaligned.

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