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Glass Cannon
Thanks for the additional information and thoughts, everybody.

I actually enjoy doing maintenance on my lathes (I probably spend about an hour per week just doing routine maintenance) so I'm glad to hear that a new set of pulleys plus basic maintenance should keep me running smoothly for a while.

I was able to purchase the lathe for $500, so spending an additional hundred here or there to get it into top shape will still provide me with a lot of lathe for the amount of money I have invested in it, in my opinion.

I have read about running the lathe through its full range of speeds once a day, yes, but thank you for that.
I'm assuming that is done to prevent the pulley from getting stuck on the spindle/key over time. I've been using 3-IN-ONE PTFE to lube mine, and it seems to be working quite well, so far.

I have it looking like new, but just need to eliminate the knocking sound before I am done. Other than the knock, it works just fine and has enough swing/distance between centers to turn the things that I turn.

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