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Finial/NoFinial? *PIC* ()

Don Orr
Well I've held off giving my opinion waiting to see what others said. My initial take on the question for me was that I can't really give an opinion with out seeing the piece both ways-with & without a finial. The height, shape and details of the finial could make or break the overall presentation.The piece easily stands on it's own merit as is-it's spectacular. My question becomes does it NEED anything to be a successful work. I don't think so. Is there anything that might make it even better-possibly. A collar as suggested might be just enough to bring the piece to completion for you. I'm not sure about a finial. Cindy Drozda does them very well and appropriately and is known for it (as you well know). Can you emulate that aesthetic? (Notice I said emulate not copy). I believe proportions and flow would be critical in whatever you do. Does a tall piece need to be taller? Sorry if I'm asking more questions than giving answers. Part of why I have not responded sooner.

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