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George Guadiane
I started out asking ONE turner (me) and got three different answers. And none of them were where I ended up.
By putting my quandary out to people I respect, people who see things differently, it became clear to me what I wanted to do.
Remember, I asked a basic "this or that" question and what I got back was NOT just "this or that" it was a lot of "and here's why." THAT was the part that I needed to clarify my own thinking.
And as to sourcing more than one site, not everyone is like us, trolling multiple sites (I really only look at these three regularly). In fact, some of the best information and opinion was an aggregate from those people who DON'T seem to wander from their home sites.
So, for me, contrarily from your assertion, this ended up giving me exactly what I needed, an "ah ha" that gave me a clear and artistically satisfying resolution.

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